This week, retired military service members and senior citizens at the Souderton Adult Day Care Center, a Catholic Housing and Community Services program for older adults in Montgomery County, teamed up with Merck Pharmaceuticals, to make Saint Patrick’s Day cards and pins for current service men and women actively deployed in Afghanistan.

Souderton Adult Day Care provides support and care in a home-like environment that enables older adults facing physical and cognitive challenges to remain active. Staff and volunteers from the center use creativity to unlock self-expression and artistic abilities that are preserved, despite the increase of cognitive challenges. Each card will help to lift the spirit of a soldier and will use the tagline, “We give back what the disease takes away.”

The center provides nursing services, medical management, nutritionally balanced meals and daily activities such as cooking, gardening, and exercise. The program is tailored to meet the unique needs of each individual and family and is available full and half day, offering respite for caregivers.

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